Extra Wide Athletic Quarter Sock

Extra Wide Sock

$ 8.50 $ 12.95


Extra Wide athletic socks are made for people with wider feet and calves who are tired of squeezing into tight fitting and uncomfortable socks. You’ll no longer have to cut the top of your socks to create more room or put yourself at risk by wearing a sock that cuts off your circulation. Our athletic socks will promote healthy circulation and provide maximum comfort.

  • Designed specifically for wide feet
  • Superior stretch
  • Stretches to 25 inches in the calf
  • Wide in the foot, ankle and leg
  • Non-binding
  • Comfortable
  • Stays up
  • Ideal for people with Edema or any condition where feet, ankles and calves are wide or swollen
  • Material content: 91% cotton 7% nylon 2% spandex
  • Made in the USA

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