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Review of Lil Johns Big and Tall Men's Clothing and Alterations Shop in Pensacola FL

Review of Lil Johns Big and Tall Men's Clothing and Alterations Shop in Pensacola FL
Client Review of Lil John's Big and Tall Men's Clothing and Alterations Shop in Pensacola Fl and Online. Men's Clothing for XL to 14XL and LT to 10XLT, Alterations for both women and men's clothing from casual to formal wear.

Review of Lil Johns Big and Tall

Review of Lil Johns Big and Tall

Lil' John Big and Tall Men's Fashion LLC Out of Pensacola Gets Prepared For Fall and Winter Style and Comfort

Lil' John Big and Tall Men's Fashion LLC Out of Pensacola Gets Prepared For Fall and Winter Style and Comfort
Lil' John Big and Tall Men's Fashion LLC Out
of Pensacola Gets Prepared For Fall and
Winter Style and Comfort
October 12, 2017
Pensacola, FL – As winter approaches, so does the chilly weather that comes with it. Fall and winter are the best time to invest in some warm comfortable clothing to escape the chilly winds and storms that comes with the holidays. Finding big and tall clothing can be a challenge all in itself, but finding big and tall clothing in Pensacola, FL during the winter can be tricky in a place swarmed with a summertime culture. Some say to choose comfort over fashion, but why not have both, the company says. There are many clothing stores in Pensacola to choose from, but there aren’t many that can adjust to one's needs and wants as a big or tall man. “We make sure that everybody that comes through our doors is well taken care of and satisfied with their clothing selection,” John Thomas said, the owner of Lil' John Big and Tall Men's Fashion LLC. “We know what it’s like to look for big and tall clothing in Pensacola, but it doesn’t have to be that way.” While the cold winter months continue to approach, clothing stores in Pensacola continue to stock up in preparations for the people who like to stay warm in the sunshine state. Lil' John Big and Tall Men's Fashion is no exception to that. “Whether you need dress, athletic, or casual clothing, we’ve got it for you. Any season, any style,” Thomas continued. “We hope to see you there.”
To get in touch with Lil' John Big and Tall Men's Fashion LLC., call (850) 484-0904 or visit

Dress code cues

Dress code cues

It’s always better to overdress for an event than to underdress.


Which do you prefer: Do you want to be kidded about looking “too good” or teased about looking like a poor relative who sneaked in through the back door when no one was watching for vagrants?


Don’t be shy about asking about dress expectations for an event, whether it’s business or social. Call me sexist, but women tend to know much more about these things than men, so ask for their advice.


And remember the lesson of the immortal ZZ Top hit song: “Every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.”


Knotty Issues

Knotty Issues

A necktie should ideally pull together the colors in your clothes and make a statement about you, whether you want to stand out from the crowd with bright hues or blend in with a more traditional look.


You probably need an extra long tie, either because you’re tall or because you’re big and want a tie long enough to cover your body. In any event, make sure it reaches the peak of your belt. Too short and you look like a nerd; too long and you look like you have something in your crotch.


And avoid a skinny tie, even if fashionistas like them; a skinny tie makes a big man look wider.


When selecting a tie, keep in mind your size and the width of your shoulders, which will frame the neckwear.


A silk tie is your best option. It will cost more but it is worth every penny. Get the best silk tie that fits your budget; a triple-ply silk tie – the best for quality – costs more than a double-ply or single-ply silk tie.


The advantages of silk: It is smooth, stays straight, flows with your body and generally lasts longer than a woven or synthetic tie. Woven ties tend to stretch, lack curvature and become wrinkle-prone.


Make sure the tie doesn’t clash with your outfit, either in color or design. For example, a tie with a vertical design will look bad if you’re wearing a shirt with a vertical design. If you have a favorite tie that stands out, a solid colored shirt often works best as a background.


(Tip: Brush your teeth before you put on a shirt and tie. If you brush your teeth afterwards, you’re liable to find little specks of errant toothpaste dotting your clothes.)


A necktie often serves as a signature of sorts, a slice of your personality, a sign of who you are. A bright tie sends one message, a conservative tie sends another, and all ties depend on the occasion – wedding, funeral, business meeting.


With ties, as with other clothes, wear what makes you feel confident and alive. Confidence will help you carry off your look, whatever you choose.


You can stand out without jumping into the deep end of the fashion pond

Men's Clothing And Alteration Store Launches Online Shop

Men's Clothing And Alteration Store Launches Online Shop

Men's Clothing And Alteration Store Launches Online Shop

July 05, 2017

Lil' John Big & Tall is a men's fashion and clothing alteration shop in Pensacola, FL. Uniquely, they specialize in XL-10XL and LT-6XLT sizes, for big and tall men. They are proud to announce that they have now opened their online store, so people outside of the Pensacola area can also have access to their range of clothing and services.

John Thomas, who is 'Lil' John' himself, says: "We have served big and tall men in the Pensacola area for many years, setting ourselves apart as one of the most innovative stores offering men's clothing. The one thing we were lacking, however, was an online department. We're proud to have this now, and would like to welcome people through the doors of our online shop as much as our physical store."

Stores have been struggling to remain profitable because of the increasing popularity of online shops. It was only because of the fact that Lil' John's Big & Tall is not just a men's clothing store in Pensacola, FL, but also an alteration store that it has continued to be a profitable establishment. This is one of the reasons why they were late in starting an online shopping facility. John Thomas adds: "Our focus is on being innovative, so our online store was really long overdue. But we're really happy that we still maintain that personal contact with our customers as well."

Those who have shopped at the store in the past, or who have used their clothing alteration services, have been incredibly pleased. Rebekah B. says on the Local Review Directory: "The owner, John, is so friendly and helpful. He measured my husband for a suit and helped him find a perfect fit. The shop has an alteration staff on site to serve your needs. The staff there was so helpful and experienced. We were very pleased with our first visit. The shop sells everything from casual, athletic and formal wear. We will be patronizing this business again."

Now that the men's clothing shop that also offers clothing alterations has an online store, many orders have been flying in. Lil' John welcomes this and aims to build a personal relationship with his online customers in the same way that he had with his in-store clientele. Those who want to learn more can visit the store in person at its location at 5700 N. Davis Hwy, Pensacola, FL. 32503 or view the gallery online at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

Men's Jacket Button Do's

Men's Jacket Button Do's

On suits, blazers and jackets, there’s a simple style rule: Do button other buttons sometimes or always except the bottom button, whether it’s a three-button or two-button outfit.


The bottom button will bunch up your clothing and make you look rumpled. Button other buttons if they make you feel more comfortable and look more put-together.


Remember this rule: Jackets are designed to NOT use the bottom button. So in a 3 button jacket it goes starting from the top SOMETIMES, ALWAYS, & NEVER and in a 2 button is just ALWAYS & NEVER

Their is many things that set Lil' John's apart from the rest.

Their is many things that set Lil' John's apart from the rest.


Here’s the store for the Big or Tall man who wants to look his best at work and play. 


Lil’ John’s Big and Tall Men’s Fashion gives you a great selection of flattering and fashionable clothes – Tailored, Dress, Athletic and Casual. This menswear is designed to fit proportionally and comfortably.


We offer a stress-free atmosphere where knowledgeable staffers provide lots of helpful information and absolutely no arm-twisting or hard sell. And you will have quick access to a full-service alteration shop for men and women’s clothing as well as custom-made clothing.


Lil’ John’s is one of the most innovative and trendsetting retailers in Big and Tall men’s fashion. We search the world for exclusive and unique merchandise; our clothes, built for a variety of budgets, come only from manufacturers who deliver consistent quality in design and craftsmanship.


We carry sizes for men XL up to 14XL and tall men ranging from LT-6XLT and inseams up to 40 inches.


Try us out. You will find a great fit with Lil’ John’s Big and Tall Men’s Fashion.


5700 N. Davis Hwy.,  Pensacola, FL 32503

Phone: (850) 484-0904

What Makes Lil’ John’s Big and Tall Your One-Stop Shop for Big and Tall Clothing in Pensacola

What Makes Lil’ John’s Big and Tall Your One-Stop Shop for Big and Tall Clothing in Pensacola

Buying men’s clothing in Pensacola can be a nightmare if you’re a large guy because there aren’t many stores that sell men’s big and tall clothing in Pensacola, FL. That’s why Lil John’s is the hero to big men all over the city. They are the one-stop shop for clothing and alterations if you’re a big guy, and that’s a big help. Now you don’t have to scour the city or buy potentially ill-fitting clothes online. After one trip, you’ll be hooked and know exactly what makes Lil’ John’s so great.

A Large Selection for Large Men

Nothing is worse than going into a men’s clothing store in Pensacola and heading to the big and tall section only to find that their selection is composed of three or four articles of clothing. That’s the true benefit of going to a store specifically designed for big guys. Sizes start at XL and head all the way up to 6XLT, so even the largest and tallest of men can find clothing to fit their stature.

Fashionable, Formal, or Casual

Often times the big and tall sections of department stores carry generic clothing that isn’t what’s in style. Furthermore, if you’re a big guy you’re most likely already familiar with the heartache that comes with trying on dress clothes. That’s another facet that separates Lil’ John’s Big and Tall from other stores. The store for men’s big and tall clothing in Pensacola is up to date with what’s in style and offers professional clothing to give you a powerful presence. When you’re large, you’re in charge, and big men shouldn’t be limited by what they wear. Picking out formal wear as a large man has never been easier.

Accessories and More

Lil John’s Big and Tall does more than just sell large men’s clothing in Pensacola, FL. From ties, bowties, handkerchiefs, and wallets, Lil’ John’s has everything to put the icing on your cake. When you look good, you feel good, and as much as we hate to say it, appearances do matter to an extent. When you’re a big man, you’re often limited to picking out shirts, pants, socks, and sometimes shoes. Accessories and items that help you go the extra mile always feel too small or constricting. You’ll never have to worry about finding the finishing touches to your outfit at Lil’ John’s. 

Seamless Seamstresses

You may have found the perfect dress shirt or pair of pants, but what if it’s a half-inch off from fitting perfectly? Don’t settle for an adequate fit. Doing so makes your presentation’s potential less than what it could’ve been. It’s not often that you hear someone say to shoot for second best. As a large man that deserves the best, you should make sure that your clothes fit the best they can. The seamstresses at Lil’ John’s are experienced in altering men’s big and tall clothing in Pensacola, FL, that way you get a guaranteed good fit.

Next time you’re in the market for a new outfit, head to Lil’ John’s. Remember, buying men’s clothing in Pensacola doesn’t have so difficult if you go to a store that specializes in men’s big and tall clothing in Pensacola.

Lil' John's Alteration Department is Growing Again.

Lil' John's Alteration Department is Growing Again.
Lil' John's Big and Tall Is Accepting Applications for New Seamstress March 28, 2017 Pensacola, Fla. – A leader in men’s clothing and alterations, Lil John’s Big and Tall Men’s Fashion & Alteration Shop, recently announced their search for an additional seamstress. The store for big and tall clothing in Pensacola, FL, has had a surge in business and their current seamstress cannot keep up with the demand. In order to keep up with customers, the alteration shop has started accepting applications again. The company hopes that a new seamstress will enhance their services for years to come. John Thomas said, “We’re actually very happy to hire another seamstress. Business is booming so naturally we are excited to bring someone else onto the team.” The position is one of the most important ones at Lil’ John’s Big and Tall. Because the store has such a dedicated clientele, a high level of quality is to be expected. The alteration shop is also looking to hire someone that will be a good addition to their current team. Their employees' mindset always puts the customer first, so any new addition would have to be similarly goal-oriented. The clothing store also recommends applicants be knowledgeable on a variety of alteration equipment as they are wellgeared for a variety of issues. “Hopefully another seamstress will help enhance our business even further,” John Thomas said. “We want to expand our company even further, so more applicants could be a future possibility.” With an additional employee, the store for men’s clothing in Pensacola, FL, aims to get back to speed so they can meet their current demand. With another employee, that possibility can become a reality. For more information regarding Lil’ John’s Big and Tall, please call (850) 484-0904 or visit Source:

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