Things to think about when shopping for Big and Tall Men's Clothing.

Things to think about when shopping for Big and Tall Men's Clothing.

It’s not easy for the Big and Tall man to find fitting and stylish clothes to wear, especially if they are more than XXL or XLT.  Finding clothes that are in style and fit can be a challenge.  In the general market place there is a fair amount of XL and LT clothing, but many times the fits and cuts of those items are for smaller men.

Simply taking a regular pattern to create a Small or Medium shirt, then just making it larger, very rarely produces a nice look.  For the Big and Tall man, different cuts of fabric and even different types of fabric will result in a much better look.  Department stores are difficult to shop in for gentlemen who are not the typical size and shape of smaller men. 

Many in the fashion industry believe that every single person in the world to be the same and some just need more material.  And that simply is not the case.  One man may be broader in the shoulders and another broader in the waist, bigger or smaller arms and the height of the person all play a factory in how a specific item will fit that individual.

Our purchasing department specifically shops clothing for our Big and Tall store that is created with the Big and Tall consumer in mind.  As a result we have a wide variety of clothing from Casual to Formal.  Our sizes range from XL to 10XL.  And for the extra tall me we carry LT to 6XLT. 

Our XLT (Extra Large Tall) is great for those who are constantly struggling to find shirt that fit in length.  XLT clothing can be difficult to find.  The fashion industry, as a whole, attempts to cover the mass market with their cuts of clothing.  Meaning they are designing the bulk of the clothing to fit the “Average Height Man”.  So, for the men who are 6’2” and over, the length of shirts, jackets and coats can become a real struggle.

Another point of consideration when shopping at large retailers is the quality of the limited selections of Big and Tall men’s clothing.  Our purchasers are extremely consciences of the brands and quality we are purchasing.  Where many of the large retailers typically will have a small section dedicated to the big guys, many are not dedicated to ensuring that those corners are of the highest quality.  It’s more of an afterthought that, oh yeah, we should serve these customers too. 

At Lil’ John’s Big and Tall we carry many nationally and internationally known brands.  Quarterly we attend trade shows to bring the Pensacola community the latest in Big and Tall trends and fashions.  Working to make sure that we are keeping current clothing lines, and apparel up to date in our store. 

We have a full time staff of seamstresses to alter any suits or garments.  We can make repairs and alterations to garments not purchased in the store as well.   Our team can even do alterations for ladies clothing, from simple dress hems to full blown formal gown modification.

Our goal is to help the Pensacola Community to look their best.  And it’s our small part to serve those with Big and Tall clothing needs.  We hope you will come see us, and allow us the opportunity to serve you. 

So, if you’re Big or Tall…… Lil’ John’s has it all!

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