Why should you consider shopping at a Big or Tall Store?

Why should you consider shopping at a Big or Tall Store?

If you're considered big and tall, you know that shopping can be a hassle. Big and tall clothing is hard to find in a regular store. They rarely ever have anything that fits you -- pants and shirts are either too short or too small. Men’s big & tall clothing stores in Pensacola can suit your needs. You may not want to spend the time shopping, but it can really pay off. You'll feel more confident and comfortable if you have proper clothes. There are a few ways to make finding stylish men's big and tall clothing in Pensacola easier.


Before you go shopping, you need to be prepared. The most important thing you should do is get measured. Find your size for shirts and pants based on your inseam, waist, chest, arm length and neck. Knowing your measurements will make it a lot easier to shop, both by yourself and with the help of salespeople.


Certain colors and styles look good on big and tall men. Solid shirts with dark colors that are fitted to the shoulders look best. Large patterns should be avoided because they draw attention to your bulk or height. When it comes to pants, look for straight cut or boot cut. Tapered pants can look extra bulky and stout on bigger men. For dressier pants, go for a single pleat in the front.


Many big and tall men think that large men's clothing isn't ever in style. But big and tall clothing can be stylish and trendy -- you just have to know what you're looking for.


The good thing about suits is that if you find the right one, it will last you a long time. For big and tall men, double breasted suits with peaked (or pointed) lapels will give your shoulders a nice cut while keeping the waist slim. Make sure you choose a long jacket because it evens out your height.


For big men, it's most important that your suit fits right around your stomach. Bulky men should avoid long jackets and heavy fabrics. Go for pin stripes to elongate your body, or solid, dark colors. Vertical stripes have been in style for years and will continue to be, so they're usually safe and trendy. Two-button jackets will also be the most comfortable while also slimming your waist.


Now that we've resolved problem one for the tall shopper, on to problem number two - what styles of clothing suits the tall person and what styles of clothing should they avoid? The answer here is far more difficult as it varies from individual to individual. The many factors affecting styles for the taller person include age, gender, culture, body shape and skin tone. However, some rules govern some common characteristics such as avoiding vertical stripes if you feel you are tall and thin as this only magnifies height.


Lil' John's Big & Tall Men's clothing & Alteration Shop in Pensacola will offer expert advice of selecting clothing suitable for tall people. Even though you think you may be outside the norm, these shop sales people have seen it all before and will have suggestions that should suit your taller build. Even the online tall clothing retail outlets offer guidelines as to what styling suits what body shapes. Many include standard advice based on chart sizes, but the better ones will provide an interactive personal advice service such as an email Q&A service.

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