Lil' John's Big and Tall Clothing and Alteration Shop in Pensacola FL

Lil' John's Big and Tall Clothing and Alteration Shop in Pensacola FL

Lil' John's Big & Tall Clothing and Alteration Shop in Pensacola is one of a kind. Not only do they serve men in the clothing department, but they also offer clothing alteration for women as well, along with custom made clothing. No one in the world is ever one certain size; there are so many shapes and lengths and with today’s brands, clothing sizes are all over the place. Lil' John's Big & Tall can fix that. With a wide range of clothing items to choose from, whether you are tall, XL, or 6XLT, Lil' John's Big & Tall has it all. With most stores, the biggest sizes you find are L to XL, and in most situations, they don’t fit right on taller people. Lil' John's Big & Tall is full of clothing styles from casual wear, athletic, dress, right down to the tailored and custom-made clothing. You will be able to easily find what you need at this clothing alteration shop in Pensacola. The interior atmosphere of the shop is warm and inviting, with a pleasantly comfortable and cozy feeling.


The staff is professional, friendly and extremely helpful and understanding. Lil' John's Big & Tall is so outstanding in their customer service, you won’t find any pushy or impatient staff members at this shop. Aside from their terrific apparel, they also carry footwear and other accessories such as wallets and money clips. You will find everything you need here. All people want to not only look good, but feel good as well. It is so hard to find clothing that fits bigger and taller people. When you have a husband who’s six-foot-tall or taller, it’s tough searching for pants that are long enough and shopping becomes even more stressful for him. Or when you have a brother, or brother-in-law, who’s over the average height for men, it’s a struggle getting him out of those old pants and into a newer pair. With this clothing alteration shop in Pensacola, you won’t hear any further complaints about old pants being comfortable and new pants never fitting and never feeling right. Whether you are a woman trying to get her family member into a new piece of clothing, or you’re a man or woman looking for new clothing for yourself or for your partner, Lil' John's Big & Tall is definitely the answer.


One of the few quality full-service clothing alteration shops in Pensacola, they can not only meet your needs, but they can absolutely fill your needs as well. Lil' John's Big & Tall is filled with unique merchandise throughout the shop and welcome all guests and potential shoppers. Big and tall men, and women, don’t have to wear the plain and boring clothing that you find shoved in the back and pushed to the bottom in most clothing shops. Big and tall men and women both deserve to walk out in style, and with Lil' John's Big & Tall, you can do just that. You won’t find any other clothing alteration shop in Pensacola like this one! Visit their website at to learn more about their services.


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